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This can be anything, a stable income or job, etc. The next level of needs which is requirement by the person is the need of love and society. The sense of belongingness is his concern at this stage. He or she starts a family and wants to become a part of the society. The next step in the level of needs is the requirement of self esteem. The person wishes to have a successful carrier and wants to be known for his success. He or she thinks himself or herself to be special. Once the self esteem stage has been achieved, the person goes on to the final level of needs known as the self-actualization. This need is way more important than anything; the aspirations come into play over here.
Now having discussed the Maslow’s Hierarchy, let us go on to relating these 5 levels of needs with marketing. As the person goes through the different level of needs, he is always influenced by the some products or services at some point of time. In the first step where the person is looking for the basic needs such as food and shelter, he or she will try to select a food is cheap at the same time nutritious, the advertisement displayed or shown will play a major role in his choice. Similarly, in the second stage the person is looking for security and safety. The security can job or life insurance. Again in this situation, the various firms will try to divert his or her mind to purchase their product or services by saying how different and exclusive their services are. This way the person may or may not get manipulated in purchasing the above services. Again in the next three stages also there are various forms of marketing involved which are used against the consumers. For example Vodafone might call a person saying that he or she is their most valued customer and that is he or she is being offered a new mobile connection free of charge. This in return tends to affect the person emotionally and the person will most likely go ahead with the deal. Another ...
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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that in a human being’s life time, the person goes through five levels of needs. Each of these levels is different from each other. The first level is level of physiological needs. These are basic needs that a man needs such as, food,…
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