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residential field trips:adding value to marketing education and student experiece - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Report/Review
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These approaches are meant to give them a competitive edge in the job market. Various interventions have been developed and introduced in the curriculum. Above all, employers are…

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residential field trips:adding value to marketing education and student experiece

This paper reflects a case of a fieldtrip in promoting learning among that we engaged with in organizations based at Glasgow and Edinburg.
The Residential fieldtrip provided an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning on various aspects of marketing and business in general. It was a breathtaking moment to get out of class and still have a learning moment. It was a moment to reflect on self while getting to have an approach of engaging others, which is a key aspect in marketing. The trip provided an opportunity for the students to engage in discussions and have presentations from various organizations in order to improve on the skills learnt in class. The five-day residential trip in Glasgow provided a variety of opportunities to engage colleagues and educators in discussions and debates. On the other hand, through the organizations visited, there were diverse lessons learnt. Team building among the student was to be promoted through the fieldtrip.
Learning is a continuous process that is supposed to take place anywhere anytime. The main significance of having the fieldtrip was to learn the different aspects that cannot be learnt from books or through the classroom setup. It is apparent that reading alone cannot provide adequate knowledge of how marketing and other business operations are conducted. Getting to the field and having the first-hand experience provide an opportune time to have that understanding. The experience was geared towards making the students have better skills that would ensure that they are able to confront real-life scenarios in the field. Among some of the skills that the program focused on entrenching to the students, include effective decision-making, communication, interpersonal skills, and negotiation skills. In addition, it was an opportunity for the students to develop personal initiatives that would help steer their profession to greatness. The fieldtrip also was to open doors for mentorship from both ...
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