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Peer Review Assessment May 19, 2012 International marketing involves several concepts. The research centers on the Sony Corporation blog analysis. The research centers on comparing and contrasting two blogs. The Sony Corporation blogs indicate the implementation of a viable international marketing strategy.


A high quality product is a product that has been proven to retain its high quality product status for years (Cinzkota, 2007). Second, Sony Corporation focuses on selling the company’s products at reasonable prices. The strong demand for the Sony products indicate the products are sold at reasonable prices. People would normally shy away from products that are normally overpriced. A high demand for the product indicates that the average person has no objections to the current prevailing prices of the Sony products and services. Third, Sony Corporation sells its products in stores that are strategically located. Sony Corporation has retail outlets in all the countries located in American, European Union, and Asian. Each major city of the Asian, American, and European nation sells the Sony Corporation products. The customers can easily buy a Sony Corporation product by visiting the Sony Corporation retail stores within the customer’s reach. Fourth, Sony Corporation allocates a large budget for the promotion and advertising of the Sony Corporation products and services. The company does not spare a significant amount of money when it comes to advertising the many advantages of the Sony Corporation products and services. Advertising involves money. Advertising involves time budget. ...
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