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Business to Business Marketing Table of Content Answer1 3 A)Advantages and Disadvantages of trading block 3 Advantage 3 Disadvantage 4 B)Influence of trading bloc in B2B business 4 Answer2 5 A)Concept of added value in B2B market 5 B)Difference of B2B market and B2C market 7 C)Example of B2B and B2C market 9 Answer3 10 Difference of pricing strategy in B2B and B2C market 10 Supplier are the price makers in geographic market segmentation 12 Referencing 13 Answer1 A) Advantages and Disadvantages of trading block Advantage A trade block represents a group of countries who make an agreement among themselves that they will not trade with the countries except the member countries.


1.5 billion per year for trading foreign currencies i.e. buying and selling foreign currencies for operating business in the EU as is not in Euro zone or European Union (Frankel, Stein & Wei, 1997, p.4) In a trading bloc, there is single market single currency across the union like Euro in all the countries in EU which make sense for the trade in the same medium of transaction. Here decision for FDI or FII in the member countries has limited risk because of currency fluctuation risk is not there which a major criterion to invest in another country. Trade block is an effective inflation controller. In 1980 when a high inflation occurs in France and Italy, then some economists and politicians argued that EU can provide the best way for solution of high inflation and both the countries become the member of trade block and very recently after that inflation was effectively reduced the withdrawing reasonable amount of investment from the other member countries (Hussain & IMF, 1998. p.4). ...
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