Company Analysis - Volkswagen Group in Forest, Brussels

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Company Analysis – Volkswagen Group in Forest, Brussels Table of contents Executive Summary 3 1. Statement of topic 4 2. Production process in Volkswagen Group in Forest, Brussels 4 2.1 Description of the process 4 2.2 Cost management 8 2.3 Quality management 11 2.4 Logistics 13 3…


Most commonly, the effectiveness of production units is based on the following criteria: quality of products, management of cost and time involved and response of the customers, i.e. the level at which the products resulted are welcomed by the public or not. In any case, it seems that organizations that operate globally are more capable of developing effective production processes, at the level that they can face appropriately any potential problem related to these processes. On the other hand, the unexpected changes in the local or the global market may result to the need for updating the production processes so that the position of a firm in the market not to be threatened. Current paper focuses on the examination and the analysis of the production process of a well-known firm: the Volkswagen Group. The processes employed in the Group’s production unit in Forest, Brussels are reviewed and evaluated emphasizing on the effectiveness of this unit’s quality and cost management. The paper aims to show that the production processes used by the organization are well organized despite the fact that the logistics management of the organization is quite challenging, since the parts of cars are sent to the firm’s unit in Brussels by various places across Europe and have to be assembled so that the finished product is promoted to the European market. ...
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