Brazil, One of the BRICS Countries

Brazil, One of the BRICS Countries Essay example
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Name Professor Course Date Introduction The country occupies a larger area estimated to be 8.5 million km2 and fifth globally in terms of the size in geographical location (Nascimento, 2007). The country has been formed on the engagement of a diverse cultural background of individuals with integrated affiliations to form a stable nation.


Brazil has since been a leading nation in the global scene with the integration of all of the universal races from all the continents. The mulatto constitutes the second majority of the population with the whites occupying 53% in population (Nascimento, 2007). The rest are black and other tribes that share the remaining constitution in the population. The largest South American nation has been developed based on a diverse economic activity with a tropical climate in the north and temperate southern climate. The nation has been developed based on these activities and the abundance of a rich mineral reserve that supplies the population with a livelihood source to support a growing population. The rich composition of the Brazilian nation has been built on diversity in the population and the rich culture that shape the development witnessed in the country. A multi-dynamic population that forms the culture constitutes the composition of Brazil. The nation had been formed based on the indigenous Portuguese population that dictated the initial cultural practices and the catholic religion that is more dominant. However, the southern nation experienced an increased migration pattern that saw the arrival of an increased and diversified culture. ...
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