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A study of online shopping behaviour of Thai generation Y consumers in Thailands retail fashion industry. - Essay Example

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A study of online shopping behaviour of Thai generation Y consumers in Thailands retail fashion industry.

Accordingly, this study concentrates on how independent variables, such as advertisement and promotion influences online shopping behaviour of consumers. Studies, such as Lin (2007), Haig (2001), Moschis & Churchill (1978), Chawla (n.d.), also argued that these components are quite vital when determining the purchase intent of the consumers. While these studies and many others assessed during the literature review did not put much emphasis on indicating the influence of price on the consumer decision-making to purchase fashion products. It was in this context that the gap was mitigated with the help of primary research, wherein the findings from focus group interview revealed price to be a major factor in determining the customer purchase behaviour.
On the basis of the conceptual framework, it is vital to develop a hypothesis in order to evaluate the relationship between dependent variables and independent variables. Henceforth, two hypotheses have been conducted for evaluating the relationship between dependent and independent variables by using the Statistical Test namely Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient as mentioned in Methodology part.
In this first section, descriptive statistics are employed for analysing the primary data of the respondents demographic profiles. In descriptive analysis, the raw data are presented in terms of frequency and percentage. These data include demographic information, namely gender, income and age.
The table above displays that there were 144 male participants which were the percentage of 45 of 100 and there were 176 female participants or 55% in this survey. Thus, the total number of respondents who was observed for this research was 320.
From Table 4.1b, it can be seen that the largest monthly income earned was the group between 10,000 29,999.99 baht or equivalent to £150 - 450 for 170 respondents or 53.1%, the ...
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In this chapter, the data gathered from the focus group as well as through the questionnaire survey has been analysed and interpreted with respect to the research objectives. To be noted in this regard, as…
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