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Case Study Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Institution Affiliation: Course Title: Date: Marketing is a continuous process that occurs at every level of production. Right from the collection of raw materials to the sale of the final of the final product, marketing plays a critical role.


Managing marketing pursuits requires evaluation and critical assessment of markets and consumer buying behaviors in those markets. The manager at the Candy Council had critically accounted for this provision beforehand. Antonella critically reviewed advertising pursuits and strategies employed by New Century Advertising to determine the impact of advertising on candy consumption. Loopholes emerged as to the effectiveness of advertising that the Candy Council engaged in. The council engaged in huge advertisement financing for candy consumption. While some advertisement bids realized positive results, there were times when consumption declined with exacerbating advertisement pursuits (Frazer & Patti, 2000). According to Antonella, the role of advertising for the council’s pursuits was unclear. However, it was also clear that the council was in dire need for advertisement given the market trends in candy consumption. For this reason, the three finalist advertisement agencies needed critical scrutiny for effectiveness and efficiency. All the three finalists had their strongholds and weaknesses. According to the summarized agency profiles, the three finalists were competitive enough in their own way for the advertisement task. ...
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