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Review and critically evaluate, based on practioner and academic knowledge, the recent Marketing Communications of a product, service or organisation known to you - Essay Example

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Review and critically evaluate, based on practioner and academic knowledge, the recent Marketing Communications of a product, service or organisation known to you

ased on 35,000 different retail outlets spanning across different international regions, The large number of outlets of the company contributes in serving the needs of around 70 million consumers spanning across 100 nations. The company aims in generating a place where consumers can effectively visit for eating and drinking activities. McDonald’s aims enticing the customers through provision of quality foods sand services such that the same helps in meeting the parameters of quality, cleanliness and value addition to the customers. The meeting of the above parameters is taken to rightly contribute in generating effective customer experiences such that the same encourages in making the customers to gain frequent visits to the stores (McDonalds, 2014). McDonald’s aims to expand along different countries through development of franchisees in that the same contributes in helping the company to effectively blend its corporate culture with the national culture of the region. The company operates based on serving the needs of both its internal and external stakeholders like employees and customers respectively through working based on needed integrity and ethics. It also works in meeting of sustainable objectives pertaining to taking care of natural and social environment where it tends to conduct its business operations (McDonalds, 2014).
Marketing Communication activities are conducted between the business organizations with its targeted customers, both existent and of potential nature along different stages relating to pre-sales, sales and finally relating to the post-sales stage. Marketing Communication activities are conducted by a company in an integrated fashion such that different types of promotional and communication tools are utilized to rightly communicate with targeted individuals, and other potential groups and interested communities. Different types of marketing and promotional tools like use of advertising through use of print, broadcasting and online ...
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It would aim to generate both theoretical and practical discussions relating to the planning of Integrated Marketing…
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