Marketing and Media. The Affect of Marketing on Public Opinion

Marketing and Media. The Affect of Marketing on Public Opinion Essay example
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Author Tutor Course Date Marketing and Media: the affect of marketing on public opinion. Introduction Marketing is an endeavor, which entails publicizing the goods and services produced by a business organization. Business enterprises employ the use of the mass media in marketing.


This paper will examine the impact of marketing on public opinion. In a special way, the paper will explore how the use of media in marketing affects public opinion and perception. The use of media in marketing and the influence on public opinion and perception While conducting marketing, business enterprises aim at achieving a number of goals, which will help in the long run success of the enterprise. One of the goals of marketing includes familiarizing the public with the business and the products of the enterprise. In addition, marketing aims at encouraging consumers to adopt the products of the enterprise, promoting the positive image of the business enterprise, its services, as well as products. In many instances, businesses adopt the use of the media as the best way to convey information to the public regarding their products. With the use of media in marketing, businesses can create advertisements that target certain segments of the markets and have broad reach (Pride 42). The various forms of media used in marketing include the internet, radio, and television. With the advent of the internet, electronic marketing has gained popularity; many businesses have adopted electronic marketing as a way of conveying information to their consumers. Electronic marketers can even use forms of media such as phones in conveying information to the public. ...
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