Coca Cola: Brand Audit

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Coca Cola: Brand Audit Introduction The Coca Cola (commonly known as Coke) is an international carbonated soft drink brand headquartered at Atlanta in United States. Originally, Coca Cola was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton for the purpose of using as a patent medicine.


As Mayer (2003, p. 27) points out, currently the company operates in over 200 countries, and restaurants, stores, and vending machines are some of its major product distribution channels. The Interbrand’s best global brand 2011 rated Coke as the world’s most valuable brand. Brand development decisions Coke’s brand development decisions over its corporate life have contributed to the brand’s global presence and market image. While analysing the firm’s corporate history, it seems that Coke maintains its brand image by means of communications focused on the product’s supreme quality; and it also keeps close associations with celebrities, film stars, and sports events (Keller, 2000). In the United Kingdom, Professor Green is the brand ambassador of Coca Cola. Coke brand image is also enhanced by its worldwide distribution network and high level customer loyalty. As mentioned earlier, Coke has extensive retail distribution channels including super markets, kiosks, airlines, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and vending machines. Coke follows two types of distribution strategies namely distribution pull strategy and distribution push strategy. ...
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