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Sustainable Marketing Plan Contents Contents 2 Introduction 4 The Company 4 Target Market 4 General Strategy 4 Triple Bottom Line Goals 5 Profits 5 People 5 Planet 6 Stakeholder Analysis 6 Customer Analysis 6 Competitors Analysis 7 Company Analysis 8 Community 10 Branding and Positioning 11 12 Style 12 12 Price 12 Marketing Mix 13 Product 13 Price 13 Place 14 Promotion 14 Marketing Budget and Implementation 16 Reference 17 Introduction The Company Samsung Electronics working to render high class innovation in its several products has emerged as the undisputed market leader in the field of consumer electronics and also in regards to the production of manufacturing and digital gadgets.


Target Market Samsung Electronics has strategized its market offerings through the defining of a new target base comprising of fashionable, trendy and high class consumers. Prior to such the company mainly focused on creation of value products that would help the consumer gain better quality at affordable prices. However the gaining of a new target base has enabled the company to focus on the production of fashionable and premium products in order to meet their enhanced desires. Samsung Electronics eyes the new consumer base as fashionable and filled with curiosity and a sense of adventure to try the new (Rowley & Paik, 2009, p.63). General Strategy The general strategy of Samsung Electronics and that of the Samsung Group in total mainly centres around three parameters. ...
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