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An outline marketing plan for the next year for Atlantic Quench301

The global beverage industry is dominated mostly by the fruit juice products. The soft drinks industry includes aerated drinks, carbonates, fruit juices, tea, coffee, etc. The industry is growing at a rate of more than 4 percent annually (Marketline, 2014). The growing health concerns of the consumers have lead to increased popularity of healthy fruit juices. However, the choice of fruit is market dependent, as different market has different taste preferences (marketsandmarkets, 2014).
This study is based on the marketing strategies and upcoming marketing plans of Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc. It also includes the analysis of the competitive forces present in the industry by using porter’s five forces analysis, and the SWOT analysis of the company.
In 2013, the global soft drinks market made revenue of $ 624,363.5 million, which represents a growth by 4.2 percent from 2009 and 2013. The Asia-pacific market grew by 6.9 percent ($169,360.7 million) whereas the European market saw relatively less growth of 2.4 percent ($188,413.7 million). In 2013, the market consumption also increased by 3.9 percent to 571.9 billion litres (Marketline, 2014).
The carbonated soft drinks (CSD) industry has declined severely in U.S as the consumers are gradually giving up consuming CSDs to curb the growing epidemic of obesity across the nation. Studies have shown that the added sugar in the CSDs is responsible for the obesity among the consumers (Marketline, 2014; Wang, Bleich and Gortmaker, 2008). As a result, the consumers are switching to consumption of fruit juice drinks, as is considered as a healthier beverage which does not contain any added sugar (CBI, 2011). This change in consumption pattern has increased the sale of packaged fruit juice products. In U.K, from 2008 to 2013 the fruit juice industry has grown by 10 percent to £4.8 billion (Marketline, 2014). The fluctuation of price of raw fruits has declined the ...
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It operates as an agricultural cooperative formed by several farming associations. Currently the company is owned cooperatively by 630 cranberry farmers and…
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