The Political Characteristic of the Declining Economy

The Political Characteristic of the Declining Economy Assignment example
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SOURCE ARTICLE: FINANCIAL EXPRESS: THE POLITICAL CHARACTERISTIC OF THE DECLINING ECONOMY 1.0 Introduction The shifting of the Eurozone economy is accustomed to very unstable economic situation and this has been aided by pressure shifting from one level to the other.


The paragraph provides an insight into the financial crisis, aiding us to establish the link between the European Union leaders and the currency factor. The intermittency factor that crossly explored the market trends from April 2012 onwards was based on the actual GDP within the Euro as explored by eurostat, which is the agency providing relevant statistics about the fluctuations of the euro. The immediate analysis provides the financial stress, explained by the fell in the overall GDP by up to 0.2% (April statistics). This inconclusively provided further weakening of the currency and the previous quarters had recorded a 0% growth rate. The intermediate concept aiding growth according to the article (par 3) is by cutting expenditures. Financial policies were hence initiated in order to help created a stronger economic variance and this also included providing support through bailout and related financial models. The statistical analysis also points out the monetary balances and asset adequacies within the zone. This continually reflected changing exchange rate scenarios as per the critical understanding of the regulatory factor. ...
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