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Essay example - Cycles of Failure, Mediocrity and Success and the Role of Staff Empowerment on Breaking the Cycle

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Cycles of Failure, Mediocrity and Success and the Role of Staff Empowerment on Breaking the Cycle Essay example
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Cycles of Failure, Mediocrity and Success and the Role of Employee Empowerment in Breaking the Cycle Customer inserts his/her name Customer Inserts Institution’s name Abstract This paper explores the concept of cycle of failure, mediocrity and success in the light of existing literature from various journals and books…

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This paper examines the concept of employee empowerment in critical depth by examining the various managerial and organizational forces that can throttle the existence of an empowered workforce. The effect of empowerment on the three cycles is thoroughly examined in this process followed by conclusion and recommendations. Keywords: cycle of failure, cycle of mediocrity, cycle of success, empowerment Cycles of Failure, Mediocrity and Success and the Role of Employee Empowerment in Breaking the Cycle Literature Review and Discussion The role of employee motivation in generating customer satisfaction has been traditionally studied in the context of employees within the service sector. This is because from the company’s perspective frontline interactions with customers are a significant way of attaining competitive advantage and differentiating oneself (Lovelock, Wirtz, & Chatterjee, 2007). Hence, employees dealing in frontline work are expected to anticipate the needs of customers, deliver the service based on customized needs and build long term, personalized relationships with the customers. Thus, staff empowerment is a crucial aspect of maintaining employee motivation and customer loyalty. ...
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