Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Assignment example
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Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 2 Positioning Strategy 3 Perceptual Map 5 References 7 Positioning Strategy Positioning is a key tool for any organization for establishing an effective marketing plan. It pervades the vital process of marketing mix and enables a company to gain a greater competitive advantage along with a large market share.


In relation to this context, it can be observed that Louis Vuitton (LV) positions its products on the basis of fashion and the latest trends. Louis Vuitton’s products are designed by keeping in consideration the latest trends in the market and the prevailing fashion that enable its customers to explore the upcoming trend based offerings and quality products. Essentially, Louis Vuitton’s products are designed for the elite and wealthy customers who want to associate themselves with the quality, branded and fashionable products. Notably, the positioning strategy for the products can also be done against the competitors whose products are of great demand in the market place. This technique is considered to be very effective where the company strives to communicate and to convince the customers that its products or brands are better or equal with the pre-established strong competitors. Primarily, the goal of this strategy is to differentiate and to position the company’s products in such a way that the customers start believing that these products are better or at par with those of the competitors. Positioning strategy is associated with the close comparison of the company’s products with its competitors’ products. ...
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