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M6A2 LTABC - Essay Example

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Resistance to Organizational Change Name of Institution Resistance to Organizational Change Introduction Various organizations have over the years experienced notable organizational change breakdowns. To attain organizational growth and development, organizational leaders ought to come up with and execute effective measures to rise above resistance to change and ensure a smooth implementation of the organizational change process…

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Resistance to change is tridimensional in nature, encompassing cognitive, behavioral, and affective human components or attitudes that inhibit the change process (Hammer, 2006). Examples of Resistance to Change in an Organization The organization under study has experienced regular resistance to changes that border on employees’ intrinsic rewards. The organization had proposed changes that would result in redefining of the employees’ tasks and alter their current job positions. According to the resisting employees, any attempt to transfer employees to less interesting, less challenging and less autonomous employment positions would lead to negative change evaluation and erroneous evaluation on employee performances. Cognitively, a decrease in challenges and autonomy would also lead to negative emotional response. According to opposing employees, individual well-being is to some extent influenced by an organization’s ability to satisfy individual intrinsic needs including self-determination and autonomy (Brown, 2005). ...
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