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Sales Management Assignment Name Instructor Task Date Sales Management Assignment Introduction There are various pros and corns that are associated with the use of internet in building customer relation. The internet is a good interaction surface but faces challenges such as security and choice of products which limits it to many functions.


To begin, one can easily interact with customers through the free social sites and have them together so as to deliver relevant information to them. It is also possible to update the network as regular as possible. Sharing of customer experience and information may be enabled through the internet. There is an opening for business evaluation depending on the customers view. As this is done, there is a feeling of personal attachment that develops mutually. For instance a company like sumsung can effectively makes its marketing over the internet by advertising its products and issuing direct purchases from all over the world. Through the internet, it is possible to attract more customers with no limitation as long as the customer has connections with you. In fact, in case of social sites, all other friends and families will be able to see the information about the business. This enables more room for sharing leading to the growth of the network. Businesses can exploit this technology for promotion of their services and products1. Modification of features is possible through the internet hence relating as per current situation is possible. ...
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