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Market Analysis Sasol is a multinational energy and chemical company producing a wide range of products for its consumers. The company has its base in South Africa and has expanded to other parts of the world as well. The market analysis report of Sasol focuses on increasing the energy efficiency, brand development and consumer segmentation.


It has to handle a few vital external factors that influence its products market. The significant matter of concern for this industry is the constantly fluctuating oil prices and the environment issues. The frequent changes in the price of coal and oil in the global market greatly affects the company’s marketing process. Sasol’s Gas-To-Oil proposal (GTL) faces subsequent hurdles with the price differences observed both on the price of oil and gas. It is to be noted that the changes in oil and gas prices do not impact on the company’s GTL project favorably, all the time. “For GTL to make sense, it’s all about the differential between the price of gas and the price of oil. If gas goes to $10 and oil stays the same as it is now, GTL doesn’t make sense, But, if gas is $10 and oil goes to $200, then the difference makes GTL quite compelling.” (Volman). And thus, the company has to take appropriate initiatives to counter these fluctuating costs, in order to garner benefits in the long-run. The strong South African economy provides growing, profitable home market for Sasol. In the stock market, Sasol offers a solid dividend and the stock currently yields a hefty 4.59%. ...
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