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Essay example - Integrated Campaign Strategy

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TO: North American VP Isla Driver FROM: Senior Brand Manager (Zamda Motor) DATE: October 24, 2012 SUBJECT: Strategic Communication Channel For “2.2” Brand Advertising is the creation of awareness on the existence of a given product in the market. Businesses, while engaging in advertising should first consider who the customers are, and define their various buying procedures…

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In the car market, businesses face stiff competition, since every product has to match the current tastes and preferences of the consumer. Similarly, different classes of and demographically varying groups will exhibit different wants; thus, the product needs customization to reach the various consumer groups effectively and efficiently. The following defines a brief protocol that Zamda Motors could use to competitively, sell the new “2.2”two seater car to the youths. Zamda motors started manufacturing vehicles in the year, 1970. Since then, the company has little pride to show from the market, due to stiff competition. The company meets competition from fellow Japanese companies, for example, Toyota, and Honda. The competitors have large market share following tremendous growth over the period they survived in the market. Toyota and Honda draw customers closer due to the satisfaction that their products offer. Therefore, Zamda Company needs to analyze the features that enable competitors to rule in the market and strategically define and acquire a profitable market share. The company must decide to increase features to the model it wishes to introduce in the market. ...
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