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Compare and contrast the marketing strategies of two companies.

Both companies like to keep their product at the introductory and growth stages of the product lifecycle by introducing new models of cars to the market. BMW Company does not like having their products at the maturity or declining stage of product life cycle. They like introducing new models of cars to the market so as to keep a competitive edge over other automobile companies in the industry. In contrast, although the Rolls Royce Company keeps their products in the introductory and growth stage of product life cycle, this company also maintains their products in the maturity and decline stage of life. This is because they target a sale market of middle-income earners (Smith, 2013).
Both companies use similar market approaches so as to have a competitive advantage over other automobile companies in the market. They both produce products that serve the global needs of customers. The two companies’ produces new models of cars to suit the customers demand and recognizes the need of quality and luxury as both of their products is built on this attributes. The two companies, therefore, produces attractive and trend products that suit the needs of their customers.
Both companies differentiate their market into demographic segmentation. This market is segmented into income, age, and gender. Therefore, the two companies produce products that favor these segments of the market. BMW produce products that target high-income earners basing on the economic segment. Their target customers are those with an income of $75,000 unlike the Rolls Royce, who targets customers with an income of more than $30, 000. These makes BMW brands most common among the rich while the Rolls Royce more common among the middle-income earners ( Simms & Trott, 2007).
Both companies have a good number of market dealership and imports from no dealership-networked countries. They both have various manufacturing plants in Germany and UK with the companies operating in more than 100 ...
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The field of the automobile industry is growing at a faster rate due to a number of small brands of cars like Rolls Royce that are taking the market and competing with the large brands such as BMW (Bick, 2009). BMW group is taken as the largest and successful automobile company…
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