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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Ethics in Marketing The issue of ethics is immensely crucial in marketing research, as well as market research. Ethics deal with whether or not a certain action is upright or evil or right or wrong. Marketing practices continue to present the perception that, within business environments, marketing is the field most susceptible to unethical practices.


The necessity for ethics in marketing research is; thus quite evident. This paper will examine the issue of ethics in marketing research noting the significance of ethics in all processes involving marketing research. Ethical behavior is a vital component in marketing research since marketing research directly controls the realization of strategic decision making in businesses. Businesses rely on information, which marketing researchers provide, to make day to day decisions, which affect business operations in one way or another. Consequence of the significance of marketing research, trade associations constantly establish guidelines to ensure ethical behavior by marketing researchers (Murphy, Gene, Norman and Bowie 79). The American Marketing Association (AMA) provides a number of ethical norms to guide the conduct of marketing research. These include the following: 1. Honesty; ensuring that marketing researchers remain forthright and faithful in all their contacts with stakeholders such as clients. 2. Responsible behavior, which entails accepting the implications of researchers’ marketing strategies and decisions. 3. ...
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