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Marketing plan ( part ) - Assignment Example


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Marketing plan ( part )

There is a need to create an integrated web portal that will adequately focus on the quality of life in Toronto. Marketing Plan The Business Challenge: Identification of Competing Cities In identifying the competing cities vis-a-vis the tourism industry of Toronto, it is critical to judge what are the strengths and weaknesses of Toronto as a tourist destination. The main strength of the city is that it is highly diverse and business oriented. Several linguistic and ethnic groups live in the highly populated city and most of them are immigrants. As early as 1978, Wall et al (1983) embarked on the task of “identifying visitor profiles of five recreational and cultural institutions in Toronto: an art gallery, a museum, a zoo, a waterside theme park, and a science centre.” Moreover, evaluation of destination attractiveness involves describing the socioeconomic profile of the tourists, identifying their places of origin, finding out the ratios of first-time and repeating visitors, attractiveness from tourist/user perspective, etc. (Crouch, 2011; Wall et al, 1983) Henceforth, in evaluating the role of other cities that determine tourist flows to Toronto, a factual analysis becomes imperative. Wall (2006) reports a very significant event in this context. In 2004, outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS alarmed the health organizations and travel agencies all over the world. SARS was being spread through fast traveling business executives and certain immigrant populations. Cases of

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infection were discovered in Toronto too. However, the mayor of the city declared that the likeliness of infection among general population of the city was very low. Yet, tourism industry was drastically hit. And most importantly, the American Association for Cancer Research cancelled their annual meeting of 2004 scheduled to take place in the city. Hence, Toronto lost over 28000 delegates that were expected to come. (Wall, 2006; Tufts, 2004) Now the question is: Did American Association for Cancer Research cancelled their meeting altogether? The answer is: No. Instead of Toronto, the meeting was now rescheduled and arranged in Orlando, which is a city in Florida, USA (WebMD LLC., 2012). The indication is clear. Since most of the cities in USA are well connected through international air routes, Toronto may lose its position as a gateway or junction point situated in the eastern fringes of continental North America. Furthermore, cities near Toronto such as Ottawa and Mississauga are also becoming thriving tourist destinations. Comparison between the major urban centers in Ontario, Canada Toronto Mississauga Hamilton The city is trying to offer almost all sorts of scope and opportunities to the visitors from basically business oriented perspective The suburban is rapidly becoming a hi-tech township which offers all the basic amenities of modern lifestyle. The city authorities focus on this attractive quality Unlike Toronto, policy makers in Hamilton too have a clear understanding of the city as a tourist destination. The city is an industrial area and it focuses on its industrial business value In attempting to project itself as a multicultural cosmopolitan, Toronto is deviating from a clear cut publicity agenda This is a fastest growing suburb which is


Marketing Plan I.D. Course Number: Term and Year Executive Summary This is a marketing plan, which is intended to follow the general format and purpose of the topic. The topic is Toronto tourism. The main foci are on identifying the cities that rival Toronto as a tourist destination and how to address the gaps in the existing tourist marketing strategy of the city…
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Marketing plan ( part ) essay example
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