Fred Bailey An Innocent Abroad(1) Exam case study

Fred Bailey An Innocent Abroad(1) Exam case study Essay example
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Running Head: Fred Bailey an Innocent Abroad Fred Bailey an Innocent Abroad Name Institution Fred Bailey an Innocent Abroad Introduction This is a definitive case that is primarily faced by international project managers who work with culturally diverse teams with whom they share no parallels (Dowling et al, 2009).


So before venturing out on any project, a global project manager must do a complete examination of communal, fiscal, governmental, traditional and technical factors so that he is better equipped to alleviate trials posed with global projects (Varner, 2011). Analysis A cautious scrutiny of this case discloses a unsophisticated lack of cross-cultural knowledge, Personality stereotyping, miscommunication and poor decision making ability (Cheerla, 2010). Fred does not reveal a high level of cultural awareness enough to identify some of the noticeable cultural challenges, which were steady in showing the greatest gaps. Fred, the project manager culture is evidently different from that of Japan. This is key to a company overall performance because it encompasses the four cultural dimensions, which are, emotion, time, power and thinking. Problems encountered by Fred during his meeting with subordinates denote communication problems (Deresky, 2000). Having laid down his plans for future direction of the company office, he did not receive the desired response from his Japanese colleagues. United States is vastly individual oriented (Briscoe et al, 2012). People are anticipated to make decisions, and those decisions are expected to be in the best interest of the individual and his or her close family. ...
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