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(Insert name) (Course instructor) (Course name) (Date of submission) Introduction Kyochon USA Incorporated is a franchise company of Kyochon Food and Beverages Company Ltd.. Kyochon Food and Beverages Company Ltd. is a South Korean fried chicken restaurant chain that was founded in 1991.


It established Kyochon USA Incorporated in 2007 and incorporated it in New York. The restaurants in the eastern side, that is Manhattan and Flushing, and those in the western side, that is Mid-Wilshire, Ceritos, and Culver City, are all under the control of the main office in OsanGyeongi-do. The company’s expansion plan over the next two years is to do a franchise for the public. SWOT Analysis of Kyochon USA Incorporated Strengths Kyochon USA Incorporated deals with chicken products that are prepared in a traditional Korean method. Korean chicken is prepared in such a way that removes all of the fat from the chicken’s skin. The resultant of this is a thin, crackly and almost transparent skin. The manner in which they produce their chicken is a derivative of strength in the market. Due to the alarming increase of cancer cases resulting fat levels in foods, Americans are pursuing healthy foods that are fat free. Therefore, Kyochon USA Inc. has a competitive edge over its competitors because they are offering what the consumers are looking for.Secondly, Kyochon F & B Company Ltd. has centralized its management operations for the US based restaurants. Through this, the company has been able to cut on costs that they would have otherwise incurred if there middle men were included in the whole supply chain. This in turn translates to an increase in the company’s profit margins. ...
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