analysis of case 4-6 ( making socially responsible and ethical marketing decision: selling tobacco to third world countries)

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CASE ANALYSIS (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Preliminary Summary The article is based on the concept of applying ethics and social responsibility in marketing of tobacco products in developing countries. It begins by providing a summarized advantage of the use of strategic decision making in various companies.


Consequently, it provides a discussion of the dilemmas presented by the advertisement of cigarette in third world countries. Government involvement on issues ascribed to production and consumption are also discussed as one of the main points of the article. The article also provides comprehensive discussions regarding the efforts the efforts that have been put in place by various bodies to campaign against cigarette consumption. Information regarding assessments of ethics and decision making in the production and consumption of cigarette is also discussed in the last paragraphs of the article. Ethical and Social Responsibility Implications of U.S Cigarette Export There are four fundamental issues that should be taken into consideration when making decisions that affects the society. These issues include; individuals, economy, business as well as the society. However, owing to the high rate of decreasing cigarette consumption most industries especially, cigarette producing companies have take unethical measures and decisions making processes that do not take into consideration the four fundamental issues. The article indicates that, cigarette producing countries have stepped up their modus operandi and have managed to modify the decisions made by governments and journalists to create awareness among the public on the negative effects of smoking. ...
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