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Nokia – joining the Microsoft bandwagon dropping Symbian as the OS Important facts in the case Nokia, the Finland based communications and information technology products manufacturer, focuses on two principal products of mobile telephones and portable IT devices.


The complacency or lack of proactive action by Nokia is in line with the psychic prison metaphor. “This metaphor joins the idea that organizations are ultimately created and sustained by conscious and unconscious processes, with the notion that people can actually become imprisoned in the images, ideas, thoughts, and actions to which these processes give rise.” (Morgan 207). These aspects of self-limitations could develop in an employee, then in a team and could occur in an entire organization, causing negative impacts like non-growth and further slide. After reaching the top, Nokia from its top management to the lower-level employees allowed this psychic prison factor to creep in, thereby forming a false sense of security. Nokia not only avoided improving its existing strategies but also avoided carrying out key innovations particularly in the aspect of its operating system, thus allowing its competitors to leapfrog over it. Thus, the psychic prison factor made Nokia’s growth a stagnant one, and in course of time caused a downslide. As its market share continued to slide, Nokia decided to come up with strategic changes to avert the slide and emerge successful. ...
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