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Sales Force Name Professor Course Institution Date The Selling Process Sells presentation is an important aspect in sales, which includes getting attention from the buyers for ones goods or services. After they have the attention, it is very important to make them have an interest in ones good by explaining why their good is better than the competition.


Selling tools includes a clear description of the product or services that a company is providing. The benefits of service and the product in the future are another tool of selling and to whom it will be more important and why. A good sales portfolio should have various things including a clear description of the product being sold. Business cards and brochures will be needed to make the portfolio more appealing to the customers by using MS Publisher and MS word. The portfolio should be in a single file with all the specials tools to explain the serve or product and its benefits. The Product and the Market Target market should have qualifying and determining dimensions that match the needs of customers by providing good services and products. Determining and estimating the competition strength is also important in sales and marketing. What qualifies a service or a product to particular market segmentation and what hinders maximum profits should be determined. Knowledge of the segment that will need a company’s product or services will save time and resources, and this can be done by determining dimensions of sales. Demand of a product should be well estimated for accurate production. Demand estimation will reduce wastages of resources or losing of customers because the products were not enough. ...
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