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IMPROVING CUSTOMER SERVICES Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction Offering an effective, friendly customer service is crucial to product selling and building of strong and loyal customer base. Otherwise, if a business allows the service to slip, then the company may take a drastic tumble.


Purchasing, product quality and product manufacture may never interact or talk to clients directly, yet they are crucial aspects in meeting the needs of the customers. If a business wants to deliver costly goods that, does not work and make late delivery, this affects consumer service in the same way as the effects of rude sales representative will do. The entire business should consolidate its efforts to offer adequate and effective customer service. The paper will investigate different ways of enhancing customer service to enhance the profitability of an enterprise. Discussion In a bid to compete effectively in a real customer-driven way, a business must integrate its whole business operations around meeting the needs and wants if its customers – not marketing, selling and client service, but logistics of production and financial infrastructure and metrics. Business exceeds expectation of their clients by focusing innovation attempts in different areas such as creating friendly customer process, ensuring workers commitment to services of customers and client dialog, (James, 2009, p.12). A business attains some excellence in these areas to attain effective customer service. Businesses with better customer services comprehend that providing a superior experience for clients’ triggers loyalty and enhance combine results. ...
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