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CRM has its focus on the ability to aggregate knowledge about customers who have a significant in affecting the profitability of a company, and managing these customers for the long-term profitability of the firm. Marketing, on the other hand, does focus on orchestrating one-on-one communication with early stage prospective customers and on routing of new prospects for managing subsequent marketing and selling activities of a firm.


Such an organization will have competitive advantages such as certified ISO 9000, reduction in costs, delivery on time, new technologies and CRM implementation. Marketing activities are important because they add value to CRM through tracking a customer’s activities. CRM, in current days, is considered a buzzword in selling and marketing activities (Bidgoli, 2010). There is tracking of cookies, which is similar to that of Google Analytics, which will allow an organization to build a digital trail of a customer interacting with the firm automatically. Google Analytics does provide the overall trends of the visitors while marketing automation will offer tracking at a micro level hence the organization is able to see the activities of its customers. For instance, a customer will open a paper, view the price information in the paper and this information is able to give sales representatives intelligence regarding their prospects. CRM can include capabilities of emails while marketing using automated software will offer comprehensive marketing system via the email. ...
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