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Major Case Study Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Problem statement 3 Data Analysis 4 Key Decision Criteria 4 Alternative Analysis 5 Recommendations 5 Action and Implementation Plan 6 References 7 Executive Summary Canada is the growing and developed economy worldwide.


These are creating problems in daily civic life. The objective of the study is to find out the issues that are affecting the social, political and environmental life in capital region. Moreover the study will help to take appropriate stems and implementation of strategies in order to overcome those problems. Problem statement The national capital commission’s command is to increase the pride of the Canadians and to build a healthy relationship between the people of Canada and their capital. According to the research report of Ipsos Reid which is conducted among the general Canadians, new Canadians and the youths of Canada with respect to the culture, heritage and capital of Canada, few issues have came out which are identified accordingly. Among the general public of Canada, few of the respondents feel that Canada is environmentally safe country. Moreover, according to them Canada has less current resources. The capital is suffering from the inadequate activities of the municipality. They have failed to set the same objectives across the Ottawa riverside. Lack of effective marketing and communication has failed to support many events in capital. ...
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