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Advertisemnt of junk food

The advertisement of junk food has been on the increase in the many parts of the world. The advertisers use both the traditional forms and modern ways of advertisement. The traditional ways of advertisement comprise of television, radio, newspapers.The sophisticated ways of advertisement uses the internet and you tube. The promotion of the junk food through the media spells doom to the health living of an individual and the nation as a whole. Health is a major apprehension among different stakeholders in the world (Moton and Dumler, 2009). Many studies in United States indicate that American people, both the infants and the youth consume poor diets that pose a problem to their health. This therefore implies that the children and adolescents are at a precarious situation to contract health complications that come with poor diet. This is because the youth and the children ape any behavior that they perceive in the advertisement media. Promotion of good eating habits through the tools of advertisement can greatly help to curb the imminent danger to health. Conversely, promotion of junk foods through advertisement will spell doom to the health of the American people (Insel et al, 2010). Advertising corporations in United States can help youth to reach a well-informed choice on whether to eat or not take junk foods. This can only happen when the corporations decide to advertise directly to the adolescents. Celebrities attract youth and they easily follow their mannerisms. ...
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The advertisement of junk food has been on the increase in the many parts of the world. The advertisers use both the traditional forms and modern ways of advertisement. The traditional ways of advertisement comprise of television, radio, newspapers.The sophisticated ways of advertisement uses the internet and you tube…
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