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Name Tutor Course College Date Advertising and promoting Marketing communication involves bringing the products of a firm to the market and creating awareness that the product exists. It also involves other relevant information by the suppliers to the consumers that could be improvements on quality or branding.


Brochures provides for a lot of information to be passed by, they are easy to fold and pass around. Many can be created at the same time and provide for large coverage without being bulky. Direct mailing gives promotion a sense of personal touch. Mail can also be customized for different people accordingly so as to meet their needs and motivate them. Newsletters provide for all useful organizational information to be communicated fully, Newspapers and newsletters also provide a great coverage of people. Posters and bulletins as well provide means to reach to the consumers. However they are often not paid attention and are effective when you place them strategically where the customers are likely to see them and notice them. Posters should also be kept neat and made attractive to be noticed. Social networks that involve discussion groups are effective methods of promoting products and advertising them. The social network is cheap to operate with and very fast media. It would involve sites like Facebook and personal of company blogs and websites. Television can be quite expensive, it is however very effective medium as it reaches a very extensive population and gets popular with time. Radio on the other hand is also effective as a tool of advertisement it reaches a good population. ...
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