Premium Beer Customer Segment

Premium Beer Customer Segment Essay example
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Case Study Analysis Table of Content Answer 1 3 Answer 2 4 Answer 3 5 Answer 4 6 Answer 1 Australian consumers were increasing their focus on the low carbohydrate products due to the rising level of the health awareness. The food manufacturing industry especially the beer manufacturers recognised and capitalised on this consumer demand for low carbohydrate beer.


This segment straddled two of the Maslow’s hierarchies, social recognition and esteem needs because they are highly motivated by ego of social recognitions and esteem life style. They have an attitude on sophistication and looking good and represent themselves as one of the boys who are recognised in the society as a rich and having prestigious lifestyle. When drinking beer PPs prefer full strength beer which fulfil their need for masculine appeal and also preferred test. Foster identified this segment as their target customer for Pure Blonde brand but the misconception of “one of the boys” attitude of Premium Peter could have cannibalize its leading brand Crown. So, the company refined this segment and positioned Pure Blonde as a “low carbohydrate premium beer with full strength and test” in the Premium Peter segment. Thus the brand got a competitive advantage from other premium beer brands of its competitors who also targeted the PPSs. The customers of Premium Peter segment realised that Pure Blonde has an extra benefit of low carbohydrate as well as it also satisfy their needs like full strength beer with test. ...
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