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Analysis of Accessories and Gifts Manufacturing Industry: Coach, Inc. Company Introduction Coach Inc. was founded in 1941 as a household based leather handbag manufacturing workshop in Manhattan, New York City. The reputation of Coach-made leather handbags steadily grew during the preceding years owing to the excellence in product design, quality, function and durability.


It is now recognized as a leading luxury goods producer in America with the brand image affordable luxury. The company’s current product line consists of Coach Handbags, Accessories, Wearables, Footwear, Jewelry, Sunwear, Travel Bags, Watches and Fragrance (Coach). Market Size Currently Coach Inc. is recognized as a large, profitable and growing American manufacturer of accessories and gifts for men and women. It owns approximately a 30% market share of the accessories and gifts manufacturing industry in the world. Coach Inc. has a significant influence on the accessories and gifts manufacturing industry in America. Net income and gross profit of the company amounted 353 million and 1.09 billion dollars respectively as at the end quarter of 2012 (Wikiinvest). Moreover, Coach Inc. employed approximately 18,000 people on a full and part time basis as of June 30, 2012 (Coach). Market Growth Rate Coach sales marked a sharp drop during January 2013. The company’s sales dropped by 2% in markets located in North America. North America is considered the largest market location of Coach Inc. It is listed as one of the largest companies in the S&P 500 stock market index. In January 2013, Coach Inc. was the largest declining company in the S&P 500 list. ...
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