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Marketing of English Wine Week Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: 2.4 Competitor Analysis With the globalization of the economy, the liberalization of the economy allows entry and exit and therefore opening the room for more firms to join the market and increase the competition in the fine industry (Blythe, & Zimmerman, 2005).


The first step in competitor analysis involves price differentiation. Under price differentiation, EWP must have a strong understanding and knowledge on the prices and pricing strategies of the competitors. It is after this that EWP will employ alternative pricing strategies that would enable it to gain market dominance. It is also important for EWP to understand the marketing strategies of the competitors and their effectiveness. Finally, EWP must have a deeper knowledge on the production technics employed by their competitors. 3.0 Objectives The primary objective of English Wine Producers (EWP) is to dominate the wines market of the United Kingdom by winning the confidence and royalty of the potential customer and wine consumers. Market dominance being the primary goal of all institutions, to excel and dominate the wines industry of UK, EWP must be ready to battle it out with other well established wine manufacturers. This primary objective would only be realized through product promotion and popularizing its products in the media, vineyards promotion, tourism sector wine popularity, and among the members of the wine trade or national consumer (Gelder, & Woodcock, 2003). Other English wine promotional includes trade media and trade bureaus. ...
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