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Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Global Marketing issues faced by Infosys 3 3. Cost savings not included in Project contracts 6 4. Knowledge transfer time cost savings 8 5. Self-Analysis for Persuasive Selling 8 6. Recommendations for Persuasive selling 14 7.


Thereafter, the various cost savings done by Infosys for PFS over the past five years have been quantified. Also the expected cost savings in case Infosys bags the Arabia e-procurement project have been calculated. After this, the report shifts towards Internal and External analysis of Infosys to enable Rahul and Jaspal in preparing for their presentation before the client. This is done with the help of SWOT analysis and Porter’s 5 forces analysis. Finally, some recommendations are given for Infosys to persuasively sell its case for bagging Arabia e-procurement project. 2. Global Marketing issues faced by Infosys Infosys is facing a lot of global marketing issues especially in the past decade or so. The issues are related to business model as well as strategy. Infosys is globally perceived as an IT Technology company which provides low cost advantage to its clients due to global labour arbitrage. A lot of IT companies in developing countries have been using this model to earn handsome revenues (NASSCOM, 2007). Infosys has been consciously trying to come out of this image and move up the value chain (IBEF). This was evident because of its focus on end to end solutions in the late 1990s. During this phase, Infosys developed some highly successful industry solutions such as Finacle (Finacle, 2011) and SAP retail (SAP Retail, 2011) products and marketed them well. ...
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