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Lancome Male Skin Care Name Institution Executive Summary It is important to note that becoming competitive in the industry of skin care a company has to take into consideration various economic factors and their influence on the overall industry market. Lancome male skin care firm, therefore, has to consider factors like the prevailing competition level in the global market, since this directly affects its pricing policy with a goal of remaining relevant in the business.


Our Mission: The mission of Lancome male skin care is to offer and supply products and services that will improve the physical appearance of men while maintaining their masculinity, and this promotes appreciation of gender diversity and presentable male appearance in the society. Value proposition Lancome male skin care is in a very competitive market structure that requires great value propositions. In this case, it strives to ensure that the clients enjoy high-end skin care products with affordable prices with a satisfactory feedback. This will boost its client numbers and expand its market base. The Opportunities Lancome male skin care has a lot of advantages that gives it a competitive advantage over similar companies and this entails: • Differentiated skin care products that capture the male client preference diversity • A multi-choice of high-end products and service offer at a significantly cheaper price compared to the competitors hence attracting more clients • Ability to meet immediate demand of customers on products supply and service delivery • Easily approachable services that are reliable and meets the desires of the clients. ...
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