Individual Ethics and Product Consumption Paper

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Starbucks Marketing Ethics Name: Course: Presented to: Date: Starbucks Marketing Ethics Starbucks is the leading dealer of fine coffee in US. Currently Starbucks is the premier roaster and retailer of coffee beans globally. The company has a global reputation in having the finest coffee, adhering to strict ethical principles in acting ethically, upholding the highest degree of integrality and honesty, and adhering to the letter and spirit of the law, all which have been the driving force behind the company’s success.


For example, Starbucks adheres to strict standards against the use of alcohol in any of their company’s properties, except in special cases where alcohol is permitted in Starbucks sponsored events. This standard is applied across the board; the company does not tolerate any alcoholic drinks, or any illegal drugs in the company’s premises. This requirement of zero tolerance to alcohol has been followed regardless of the level of employee or guest. In addition, the company has strict adherence to laws, standards and regulations in all its operations, making honesty a virtue in the company. The company takes honesty to higher levels. For example, there was uproar in Argentina after the company apologized for using locally made products instead of the Starbucks branded cups. Though some perceived the apology to be ill advised for portraying the cups used in a negative way, the company meant that it had diverted from its principle of using branded cups that reflect the company’s brand name in all cases. Responsibility The company is highly responsible for the welfare of its employees. ...
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