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Marketing Plan: Starbucks

Marketing Plan: Starbucks

It effects to explore and popularize cultural forms of drinks in the modern society bringing connection between cultures and individuals. It objects to ensure that it can supply the market with fresh juice forms further promoting their safe health agenda. Starbucks juice bar concentrates mainly on the production of different types of juices form fruits and vegetable. In this line it also produces other forms of products form these fruits and vegetables such as smoothies, salads, and bottled fruits. New product description The new product in the production line of the Starbucks juice company is that of powdered fruit supplements. These are just like powdered energy boosters only that they are made from pure fruits with no chemical additives. These supplements can be taken as dietary supplements, health supplements or energy boosters. They are created of different fruit flavors and fixed fruit flavors. The concentrations of fruits are measured in accordance to health standards and indicate the proper dosage amount for different individuals to uptake. Swot analysis Starbucks major strength in the market is its already established vast network and financial ability. This means that it is able to popularize this new product across it network chains. Being financially stable also makes it able to invest hugely thus cumulating benefits of economies of scale to its competitors. However, it is at the disadvantage of late investment into this industry. ...
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Starbucks juice bars are located in many regions now with the very first one opened in the early 2012 in Bellevue, Washington (Zafar, 2012). As a company Starbucks strives to be a unique king of company. Starbucks major strength in the market is its already established vast network and financial ability…
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