The Importance of Derived Demand in B2B Marketing (Coca Cola).

The Importance of Derived Demand in B2B Marketing (Coca Cola). Essay example
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The nature of demand can determine the success of products in a particular market. Demand is highly reliant on the purchasing behavior of customers, and it is significant for any organization to assess the demand of customers in order to make appropriate production and marketing decisions.


The objective of the paper is to analyze the derived demand aspects of Coca Cola along with the segmentation and marketing channel used by the company. Several aspects such as competitors’ products, substitute products, raw materials and demographic factors among others can help to analyze the derived demand for Coca Cola’s products in market. Coca Cola, as a reputed band with operations all over the world, uses different channels in order to market its products. Coca Cola mainly segments its market on the basis of geographic and demographic factors. The report describes numerous business segmentation prospects for Coca Cola in the global market. With its effective marketing and segmentation strategies, Coca Cola can strengthen its brand image in order to fortify the product demand.
Brief Overview To The Company
In the year 1886, John Pemberton a pharmacist in Atlanta created history by forming a soft drink which was named Coca-Cola by his bookkeeper Frank Robinson. Later, in the year 1888, after the death of John Pemberton, an Atlanta businessman Asa Griggs Candler bought the rights of the company for a total of USD 2,300. He became the company’s primary President who brought the real vision to the business and the brand. Thus, Candler’s mission to create the invention of the soft drink into the largest beverage company in the world was being fulfilled, after a century when the company produced in excess of 10 billion gallons of soft drink (The Coca-Cola Company, 2011). ...
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