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M6A2 Leadership and Ethics - Assignment Example

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M6A2 Leadership and Ethics Overview It has been observed from the previously conducted analysis that Tesco has been required to deal with a lot ethical issues in its operations. These issues have severely affected the reputation of the company all over the world…

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M6A2 Leadership and Ethics

Implementation Plan The first step of the implementation plan would include the depiction of the ethical issues related to the company (i.e. Tesco). One of the prime ethical issues that the company is facing is regarding coming up with misleading advertisement. It has been observed from the previously conducted analysis that the company showed price cuts for it’s certain products but in reality they had intended to increase their sales through the reduction of price of disliked products and increase in price of the accepted items. This is also considered as one of the ethical issues of the company. It has been further recognized that in order to deal with such issues proper leadership guidance would be quite vital. A leader is a person who would be held responsible for the entire performance of the group (Northouse, 2010). Thus, it is vital that a company should have leaders with appropriate characteristics so that they can handle varying as well as unpredictable situations with utmost effectiveness. In this regard, it has been noticed that transformational style of leadership model would be quite appropriate. It has been learnt that this type of leader would enhance motivation and morale of the employees. ...
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