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Marketing Q.1) Outline the key aspects of the following legislation: Sales of Goods Act 2002 and Direct Selling in the UK, and the Difference Between the Protection Offered buying Goods Online and in The High Street. 1. Sales of Goods Act 2002 in the UK The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations Act came into existence on 31 March, 2003.


The Regulations ensure that a consumer has a minimum right of redress when buying goods within the European Union (Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002 2008). The key Aspects of Sales of Goods Act 2002: The Regulations state that any public statements of producers, importers, or retailers regarding specific features of the goods, mainly in advertising or on labelling, have to be correct, and form a part of the retailer’s agreement with consumer. Goods can’t constantly be expected to work error-free. They may fail in their normal use. Therefore, consumers cannot suppose to hold the retailer responsible for the loss. Durability is a complicated concept, but it is something that should be considered while assessing whether the goods match with the contract. When buyers consider durability, they should bear in mind that everything has a finite life. If the product installation is intended to be done by the consumer and if incorrect installation happens due to inadequacy of instructions in installation this shall be treated as lack of conformity. In consumer sales, risk doesn’t follow property, instead it follows delivery. So, when goods are passed to a carrier, it is not considered as delivery to customer 2. ...
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