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Import Project

1. SWOT Analysis Firstly, with regards to why this product has been chosen, it has come to the attention of the stakeholders for this group that there exists a very large submarket for goods within the wine community. As a function of the fact that this community consumes goods based upon utility, function, and the level to which glasses and other tools of the trade can increase the overall experience as well as the taste of the wine. Accordingly, the product is relevant due to the fact that it fills a particular need for resilient wine glasses that are neither exorbitantly expensive no so cheap that they can be considered as little more than a novelty item to be disposed of or shelved away. Naturally, with regards to how the product itself is differentiating, this is of course denoted by the product name and description. Whereas there exist many fine examples of extremely expensive wine glasses on the market, there exist relatively few offerings that both serve to integrate consumer needs with the utility of a wine glass that is not highly fragile. In the past, cheap wine glasses had sacrificed form and function for their resilience; utilizing thick glass or crystal in order to prevent breakage; however, due to the new magnesium fusion process whereby the glass is blown, much thinner crystal is able to be used. In such a way, the glasses have the feel of the much more expensive crystal wine glasses, are able to exhibit the same benefits and/or weight, and are several times more resistant to breakage. Naturally, with regards to the simplicity of the product, it is difficult to get much simpler than a glass that displays a high resistance to breakage. Although it may be seen as something of a luxury good, due to the price range, the product itself is basic and simple as a function of what it is intended to do and the overall demand that exists within the market for a product that can integrate with such a need. In such a way, the glasses themselves fall adequately between the more expensive examples of fine wine glass crystal that sells for many times more than the going price for these break-resistant offerings. Furthermore, it is the understanding of the analysis that has been performed that the consumer rational to spend a bit more money on the break-resistant wine glasses will be affected by the added value that will be integrated due to the fact that having break-resistant wine glasses will necessarily reduce the overall amount of money spent over time due to the fact that such a high percentage of wine glasses of lower and higher prices tend to break. Furthermore, yet another added value that will help to integrate the product with the consumer is the fact that these glasses are also dishwasher safe. One of the greatest annoyances for individuals that drink a lot of wine is the fact that the best crystal wine glasses are never intended to go in the dish washer and take the high heat and temperatures therein. Naturally, a SWOT analysis would begin by stating that the strength of the product is the fact that it fills a particular need within the customer base that is currently under-represented. This is accomplished due to the fact that these wine glasses are substantially more resilient than those other products that have been billed as break-resistant in the past. Similarly, the greatest weakness that is exhibited is the fact that very little is known or understood with relation to this product by the ...Show more


When one seeks to integrate a new product within the market, one of the first steps that should be taken is a simple analysis of some of the reasons for why the product has been chosen, why it is relevant, what helps to differentiate it from a mountain of competition, what level of complexity it entails, and ultimately why people would buy it…
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Import Project essay example
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