Learning Team Sales Plan: Phase Two

Learning Team Sales Plan: Phase Two Essay example
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Blackberry z10 Name Professor Course Institution Date SITUATION ANALYSIS In order to realize the ability of the product taking over the market, it is important to carry out a situation analysis that helps in determining how the product relates to its environment.


Company Blackberry z10 is product from the Blackberry Company, serving as the latest release from the company. It contains many features which were absent in the other products produced by the company. For instance, it contain touch screen features unlike the preceding products. The touch screen is 4.2 inch display acting as one of the biggest quality touch screen in the market. The realization by the company that the amount of sales for their product was on the decrease is what led to the production of the blackberry z10. The product uphold a good image in the market considering the features that incorporates the latest technological development in the market. it contains all the features found in the Android and iPhones in addition to other features which makes it one of the best. Its popularity in the market may be associated to the aggressive campaigns carried by the company. The company carries a 360 degree campaign for the product with the main aim of ensuring that the product is available in almost every retail store around the world. Further, it contains a large internal memory of 16 GB allowing the users to store a large amount of materials. The existing technological culture also supports the popularity of the company’s product in the market. The company has made the phone to be compatible to all types of network, from GSM, EDGE, HSPA+, CDMA, PCS to LTE. ...
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