People branding. Brand Evolution.

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BRAND EVOLUTION INTRODUCTION Peoples brand is the symbol and perception that a person is attached to or referred and this is common among the celebrities. A person brand comprises of what you think, say and do, instagram offering a call to action. It can also be argued to refer to the real value that a person offers.


The brand creation by the two celebrities played an important role in propelling their careers in various aspects in the entertainment and music industry. The development of these brands has contributed greatly in building their celebrity names and the commercial value associated and attached to them. According to Ballantyne (2006) the two celebrities can be argued to have developed towards building iconic brands from their similar background and popularity towards their current identities. It is notable that music and entertainment industry has its evolutions are geared towards the establishment and creation of identity brands as compared to few iconic brands. Although the two celebrities have common basis of evolution, Britney Spears brand has evolved reaching iconic brand. Christina Augilera has not reached the iconic status but she has achieved a lot of recognition in music industry winning various awards. The celebrity brand of Christina Augilera and Britney Spears represents their individual lifestyles, values, personality, emotion and the desires that two celebrities are identified directly with. ...
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