Developing Business Plans. (Quick Take Expresso).

Developing Business Plans. (Quick Take Expresso). Essay example
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Developing Business Plans. (Quick Take Expresso).
Each owner will have share of 50% and assist each other with accounting and back office support. Quick Take Expresso is liable to pay income tax on its gross profits. The owners will have to handle all legal, monetary and managerial duties concerning business.


The vision of Quick Take Expresso is to become one of the preferred destinations for coffee and snacks in Bonn. The company will provide good meal experience to the students, travelers and local customers as compared to other competitors. The vision of the café is to rapidly increase the profitability so that it can attract potential investors to invest in the business in near future. The marketing and sales strategies of Quick Take Expresso will help to maintain the demand of the products towards customers. The teenage and the adult customer groups will probably enjoy the services and the pleasant environment of Quick Take Expresso.
Quick Take Expresso will provide best effort in order to develop an exclusive brand image in the mind of customers where they can properly socialize with the friends in a comfortable and calming environment while enjoying the great tastes of Quick Take Expresso’s products. The motive of the business is to assist the customers so that they can get rid of their daily work and educational strains and to provide piece of mind through great environment, suitable location, welcoming customer service and delicious meals. Quick Take Expresso will reinvest the amount of profit for improving the infrastructure of the business and for enhancing the employee satisfaction which can lead to better service and thus better customer satisfaction.
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