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Marketing final exam Table of Contents Part one 3 Impact of technological advance on information technology 3 Impact of Socio-cultural change on information technology 5 Part two 6 Marketing of drugs directly to consumers 6 Influence of sales effort of pharma manufacturer- Pfizer 7 Part three 9 Services marketing 9 Importance of marketing of services 10 Characteristics of services 10 Part four 12 Letter to friend 12 References 15 Part one Impact of technological advance on information technology Impact of technological advancement on information technology The personal life is dependent highly on technology which has been developed by the people.


A very good example of technological advancement is mobile phone. The type of mobile phone which we had in earlier times no longer exists now. There is a change in the demand of mobile phone users. This has resulted in the advancement of mobile phone technologies. The users of mobile phones demand functionality and simplicity. This has forced the manufacturers of mobile phone to develop smart phones which are computer minded, easily usable, having more functionality as compared to the mobile phones of past. Further, technological advancements have helped organizations and businesses to save cost of production and time which is an advantage to small business and have managed to use these advancements for gaining competitive advantage. A very good example is 3G/ 4G broadband. The advantage of this super fast internet has been taken by small business to reach the target market with lower cost of operation. However, there has been both positive and negative effect of technological advancement. ...
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