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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Marketing in South Africa Target Market and Competition In doing marketing in a business, one has to put focus on a specific target group that is aimed at in terms of making sales in a business. In marketing strategy, one has to clearly define the target so that it can convey the sense of productivity.


In the marketing strategy, there should be the classification of the various groups who are separated by certain noticeable aspect that are peculiarly looked into for one to cut a niche in meeting every requirement of the targeted group. In doing marketing for their products then, the organization in South Africa has to consider several aspects that create distinction in the targeted groups. Amongst the main aspect that bring about difference in taste and preference that should be paid attention to includes geographic factors, demographic or the socioeconomic factors that considers occupation, age, gender, income, house hold size, and education. There are also the psychographic issues that looked into values, lifestyles, and attitudes. Behavioral segmentation also deals with such issues like degree of loyalty and occasion. One needs to understand South Africa in the context explained above in order to make reasonable influence in the marketing of a product; otherwise, the strategy will not be productive ultimately. Competition In business, competition is obvious and it takes different perspectives, which include pricing strategy, packaging, and availability to the customers. In addition, other initiatives can be taken by the different manufactures that would put them ahead of the pack in galvanizing the available market for the supplementary products. ...
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