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Marketing research Name Tutor Course Date Question 1 Qualitative research Qualitative research methods aim at acquiring a deep understanding of an event or organization. Rather than aiming at a shallow explanation of a large sample of a population, qualitative research aims at providing an explicit interpretation of the order, structure, and broad concepts present among participants (Ernst, 2003, p.156).


This research method is flexible can easily adapt to the research settings (Newman, 1998, p.56). The aim of qualitative research is to get a clear understanding on how the participant’s develop an understanding of their surroundings, and how this understanding affects the participant’s behavior. The main method of collecting data in qualitative research is the use of observations (Goertz and Mahoney 2012, 78). Observation implies the collection and recording of the behaviors of the participants in their environment. This approach is useful in the generation of in-depth explanation of events or organizations; it is also practical in obtaining information that is not accessible and conducting research where other research methods are insufficient. The benefit of employing observation is that it reduces distortion between what is observed and the observer and can be produced by instruments such as questionnaires (Gray, 2007, p.126). The main features of qualitative research include the fact that they focus on natural settings and have a primary interest in real life situations. This method seeks to find out the meanings participants attach to behavior, their interpretations, and their perspectives on situations. ...
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